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The world’s Number 1 outboard!

Being number one in a specific country or region is one thing, but being the number one in the world is something very special. Yamaha has been the world’s top manufacturer of outboard engines for a very long time. To attain this position is an achievement in itself. But to maintain this position for such a long period requires a level of commitment and technological innovation which is unique.  It is not just the quality of the technology which encourages people to choose Yamaha; it is also the passion and understanding that Yamaha has for the marine environment.  Yamaha marine engineers work with all forms of marine products from engines to boats to PWC. Enthusiasm, dedication and knowledge keep Yamaha at the cutting edge of new marine technology and makes Yamaha the number one global brand.

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At BHG we have been dealing with outboards and specifically Yamaha for many years, so you can be assured that we have all the specialist knowledge and Tools required to keep your Yamaha in its peak operating condition, whether it be a brand new 4 stroke or an older 2 stroke we can help with servicing or fixing your engine just contact us and let us know what you require.


Yamaha 2.5hp 4 stroke


New 2.5hp Yamaha will be sold with full manufacturers warranty only one left in stock £675